Ravenloft 4e

Ravenloft Session 2

Our party has been hired to retrieve a family heirloom from Cabilar. Their Vistani guide has taken them to Cabilar’s last known whereabouts: a Tower hidden in a cavern at the bottom of a ravine. After scaling the tower and fighting off some spiretop drakes, the party gains access at the top of the tower and explores their way down. After fighting their way through some other inhabitants, the party finds their way into Cabilar’s Lair. Discovering his vampiric nature, the party was able to stake the vampire and retrieve the heirloom.

This successful adventure garners them an invitation to Darkstar Hall. While there, the owner requests the party to look into something for him. His friend, the Burgomeister of Barovia has a daughter which seems to be in danger. Their Vistani friend leads them through the mists to the village of Barovia. They find a dead body with another letter from the Burgomeister (which they discover is a fake) and enter the Blood of the Vine tavern. They find the Burgomeister’s son who offers to lead them to his home. But on the way, a group of zombies come shuffling out of the fog, blocking their way.

The party puts up a good fight, but ultimately have to retreat toward the Burgomeister’s house. After finally convincing the daughter to let them in, they stumble inside and barricade the door.

Ravenloft Session 1

Our party has awakened in a strange laboratory, brought to the Domains of Dread by the Mists. Dr. Ivan Goresky introduces himself to the players and explains their situation. He tells them they are in the land of Hawkmoon. He invites them to equip themselves from the local Vistani/Merchant. They then meet Ishak Petrovna who offers them some armor and equipment.


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